Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign gave us a chance to participate in a real conversation about the things that matter:  equality, climate change, jobs, immigration, health care, economic opportunity, justice and everything else that affects our future individually and collectively.

Today, Bernie challenges us to re-think how we view American politics at every level and how we fulfill our roles as citizens and as voters.  “Bern: Part One” is the first installment of a larger film project that explores Bernie Sanders the man, Bernie Sanders the political outsider and Bernie Sanders as a community of people who are lending their voices to this movement.


This project became a reality because a bunch of people pitched in to help us make it happen. They gave us their time, they shared their ideas, they lent us their creativity, they made phone calls and sent emails and picked up a camera and did a thousand other things to get us here. They are:

Nat Ayer, CCTV – Archival Footage
Center for Media & Democracy, Burlington VT – Archival Footage
Kartemquin Films – Archival Footage
Allan Koss – Archival Stills
Rob Swanson – Archival Stills
Chris Blankenship – Editor
Zander Michigan – Singer/Songwriter
Douglas Helsel – Composer
Adam Marengo – Logo Design
Chau Ngo – Grassroots Organizer
Ken Miller – Camera
Brian Watkins – Stills
Melody Parsons – Business Affairs
Erik Daniel – Camera
Sheena Fronk – “Bern” Community Organizer


Miriam Paredes – Director/Producer

Miriam is an independent commercial producer, documentary filmmaker and writer who, after 20+ years in the business, still feels pretty lucky to be able to make a living doing something that she loves.

Jay Matthew – Executive Producer

For almost a decade, Jay has worked as a consultant for political candidates, organized social justice campaigns and launched nonprofits. Recently, Jay expanded his areas of focus and has been helping businesses and private sector companies with growth-related issues, CRM implementation and crowdfunding campaigns.